Sim Immersion, Inc.

3D simulation computers

Custom design, assembly and configuration of HighendSim Rogue PC™ 3D simulation computers.

HighendSim Rogue PCs are rugged, uncompromisingly powerful, and also the perfect complement to our ultralight HighendSim Kits.

3D simulation computers are high end gaming PCs that excel at running the demanding 3D game engines found in simulation games, that are especially demanding in VR.


Finding the best platform for commercial VR can be challenging. The most popular, convenient and easy to configure devices may not always be the best choice. What are other options for commercial VR?

Keeping up with all the latest developments in 3D simulation computing can be a full-time job, and for the past decade, considerable time was invested curating the website, a compendium of over 1,500 3D simulation technology products ranging from high end video games to industrial simulation.

Reach out by email to louis(at) or call or SMS 240 • 498 • 8951 and start a conversation about commercial VR and everything 3D simulation computing.

about Sim Immersion, Inc.

Sim Immersion was incorporated in the State of Delaware in July 2002 and is organized as an S-corp.

The idea for Sim Immersion, Inc. came in 2001. Thinking VR was around five years away, and that soon after, a variety of high end VR headsets (as we are seeing here) would appear on the consumer market, the theory was this new class of video display would create a new kind of demand.

This new demand at the mainstream consumer electronics level for specialized 3D simulation-related technical services would make room for a new business model.

Being somewhat familiar with the skill set to supply these services, having encountered the challenge of running flight sims on PC in the mid 1990s, and, also both in the mid 1990s, having some work history selling PC parts for a large computer retail chain and graduating with university degrees in business management, helped inspire Sim Immersion.

Accordingly, developing a specialized 3D simulation skill set involves 3D simulation computer design, following the PC hardware and simulation peripheral industries, closely watching the VR industry, and keeping up with video game industry trends. Content on forums, news sites and YouTube is continually being analyzed from numerous sources developed over many years of research.